About Us


Who We Are

 The International School for Better Beginnings is a learning institution with a rigorous curriculum that integrates a global perspective and practices in a local setting. The school is a diverse community, where members constantly strive to be better. ISBB continues to evolve as the premier school in basic education in Lucena City. It is continuously upgrading in content, trends and approaches, offering effective programs of a progressive school.  


A Brief History


The International School for Better Beginnings opened its doors to the young learners of Lucena City in June, 1997 through the initiative of Mrs. Elizabeth Reyes Enverga. The school began with a single building, which was located in a relatively uninhabited part of Lucena City.  

After its first school year, the number of students nearly tripled the next school year and a new building was erected to accommodate the growing population and the new Elementary School Department, which steadily developed over time. On its fifth year ISBB had a complete Elementary School, with the High School following soon after.

At present, ISBB stands as one of the premier educational institutions in Lucena City, with alumni who have gone on to study in the Philippines’ best universities. It labors to create well-rounded students, and bring about a positive change, not just to its immediate vicinity, but to the world at large.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to:

  • Create a community where members are free to explore their interests;
  • Develop students with a deep sense of spirituality who are able to understand and interact well with the world around them;
  • Provide students with a strong foundation in traditional academic disciplines, to prepare them for intellectual challenges that may arise in future stages of learning;
  • Maintain a balance between academic work, community service and extracurricular activities, leading to the holistic development of the members of the community; 
  • Propagate the value of critical thought, and an appreciation for multiple understandings of reality, such that no ideas are left unexamined.